Account Request Form :: Step 1

Begin by choosing your Theater, then enter your Customer Code and email address:

A customer code is a legacy 6-7 digit # used by Carrier Corporation, Replacement Components Division, for your distributor. The number can be found in the top left corner of any existing invoice.

Each of the applications below is closely tied to the accounting system RC used for your company. For this reason, not all options are available.

If you do not know this # or it does not allow you to continue, ask your Warranty Administrator for the information or send your company name, address and contact information to [email protected]. If you have an RC Invoice, then send that also.

Theater Key
CBP/US & CBP/CanadaCarrier, Bryant, Payne - C10 Customers
Carrier Commerical ServiceCCS Services C10 Customers
CCRPCarrier Commercial Refrigeration Partners
InternationalC10 International Customers
ICP/FAST/USInternational Comfort Products US -SAP
ICP/FAST/CanadaInternational Comfort Products Canada Only -SAP

  • Core Return
  • Credit Requests
  • Extended Warranty
  • Marketing Funds

* ZSM must approve Market Funds and RNC requests. RNC only applies to limited set of Distributors. Contact your ZSM for more info.

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