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Credit Requests

Distributors with eligibility to this application file claims for the most common types: Please review: POM 500 for specific types allowed through Credit Request process. Short Shipments need to follow guidelines, if you have received parts different than ordered, contact Customer Service, it may be a return materials process.

  • Short Shipments
  • Pricing
  • Tax Exempt
  • Freight

The application is specific to handling CBP Distributors, Carrier Commercial Service (CCS) and International customers because of the Invoices & payment processes.

There are many legacy processes still being handled outside the above claim types so please read the FAQ below or reach out for more info.

When Filing a claim in this system, you should have the original Invoice present. The system collects the Invoice number and inherits the Parent Code from your login as a baseline check. This step also retrieves the original invoice for you to cross reference inside the system.

For Damaged Parts or Return Materials

Processes are in RC Community and not inside

Frequently Asked Questions

I received the wrong parts and I want to keep the unordered part?
File a short shipment Credit Request in and also contact RCD Customer Service for manual billing.
I received the wrong parts and I want to return the unordered part?
Enter a Return Material request in C10 for the part you were billed for. In the notes, enter the unordered part number received. Once the part has been received back to the warehouse, the Credit Department will issue credit.
I received and overage and I want to return the non-invoiced part?
Email the RM Coordinator at [email protected]
I received damaged parts, where do I start?
If the damage is caused by the shipper a freight claim will need to be filed with the appropriate freight carrier.
If it is concealed damage, a RM will need to be filed.
How do I cancel a Return Materials Request?
Please send an email to the RM Coordinator [email protected] Please reference the original RM#.
Where can I view all my Return Material Requests?
You should have access to C10 directly. This would allow you to view the order status or RM status.

The alternative method would be to go through RC Community within RCD Customer Service would be able to assist on any these matters if you are running into any roadblocks.

Additional help is avaliable RCDChannel Support: Credit Request wiki.

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